Review: I Couldn’t Love You More by Esther Freud

Title: I Couldn’t Love You More

Author: Esther Freud

Pages: 384 Pages

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

The Blurb

Rosaleen is still a teenager, in the early Sixties, when she meets the famous sculptor Felix Lichtman. Felix is dangerous, bohemian, everything she dreamed of in the cold nights at her Catholic boarding school. And at first their life together is glitteringly romantic – drinking in Soho, journeying to Marseilles. But it’s not long before Rosaleen finds herself fearfully, unexpectedly alone. Desperate, she seeks help from the only source she knows, the local priest, and is directed across the sea to Ireland on a journey that will seal her fate.

Kate lives in Nineties London, stumbling through her unhappy marriage. But something has begun to stir in her. Close to breaking point, she sets off on a journey of her own, not knowing what she hopes to find.

Aoife sits at her husband’s bedside as he lies dying, and tells him the story of their marriage. But there is a crucial part of the story missing and time is running out. Aoife needs to know: what became of Rosaleen?

Spanning three generations of women, I Couldn’t Love You More is an unforgettable novel about love, motherhood, secrets and betrayal – and how only the truth can set us free.

The Review

As tropes go, an intergenerational narrative will always tick the box for me. In Esther Freud’s novel I Couldn’t Love You More we meet three women who are inextricably linked and whose life cannot go forward without the other.

What is lovely about I Couldn’t Love You More is that you see the three main characters Rosaleen, Kate and Aoife grow up. Not necessarily through their age but through their personal growth. You see heartbreaking moments of naivety but then the strength of these women quietly screams off the page.

Besides being the story of these three women we are also transported to different eras with different cultures and expectations and placing these women in these settings and seeing how they manage, how they cope and how they survive is beautiful.

Whilst there are parts of I Couldn’t Love You More that are heartbreaking and hard to read it also gives you the warm hug feeling that a book like this should.

Absolutely wonderful.

I Couldn’t Love You More by Esther Freud is available now.

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