Review: The Trial by Laura Bates

Title: The Trial

Author: Laura Bates

Pages: 368 Pages

Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK Children’s

The Blurb

No matter how you try to hide it, the truth will always come out . . .

After a plane crash sees a group of seven teens washed up on a desert island, their first thought is survival. But a terrible secret from a party the night before has followed them ashore. Facing deadly threats and the fear of being stranded forever, they quickly discover that being the most popular kid in High School doesn’t help when you’re fighting to stay alive. As the island deals each of them a dangerous blow, it’s clear that someone is looking for justice. Now survival depends on facing the truth about that party: who was hurt that night, and who let it happen?

From multi-award-winning author and gender equality activist, Laura Bates, this thought-provoking drama will start an important conversation and keep you guessing to the end.

The Review

I absolutely loved Laura Bates’ book The Burning and was really eager to read her latest release The Trial. Best described as a feminist Lord of the Flies that discusses sexual assault, once again Bates has brought a contentious issue and placed it in the hands of young adults. I have said this of other writers such as Holly Bourne and like Bourne Bates’s strength lies in her ability to trust her reader and not patronise them. She gives them hard hitting topics and asks the reader to go on a journey with her.

With the added element of the drama of a plane crash, you begin to feel as untethered as the characters when strange things start happening on the island. It is only with each chapter that you read that you being to piece together this mystery of the island that runs parallel to the main drama.

Another top notch read by Laura Bates.

The Trial by Laura Bates is available now.

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