Review: As You Were by Eileen Feeney

Title: As You Were

Author: Eileen Feeney

Pages: 400 Pages

Publisher: Random House

The Blurb

Sinéad Hynes is a tough, driven, funny young property developer with a terrifying secret. 

No-one knows it: not her fellow patients in a failing hospital, and certainly not her family. She has confided only in Google and a shiny magpie.

But she can’t go on like this, tirelessly trying to outstrip her past and in mortal fear of her future. Across the ward, Margaret Rose is running her chaotic family from her rose-gold Nokia. In the neighbouring bed, Jane, rarely but piercingly lucid, is searching for a decent bra and for someone to listen. Sinéad needs them both. 

As You Were is about intimate histories, institutional failures, the kindness of strangers, and the darkly present past of modern Ireland. It is about women’s stories and women’s struggles. It is about seizing the moment to be free.

Wildly funny, desperately tragic, inventive and irrepressible, As You Were introduces a brilliant voice in Irish fiction with a book that is absolutely of our times.

The Review

As You Were by Eileen Feeney is the story of Sinéad Hynes. She is currently residing in hospital having been diagnosed with cancer. No one in her family knows. Her day to day life is examined in this story as she traverses the dynamic of the ward that she is on. The old lady opposite who has dementia, the lady believed to have had a stroke and the gentleman who has ended up on an all female ward much to the chagrin of his daughter.

As You Were is brilliantly written and Feeney has elements of Marian Keyes in her delivery and although the over riding theme of the novel is one of sadness it is the small idiosyncratic nature of the characters and the nuances of Irish life that make the story enjoyable.

As You Were by Eileen Feeney is available now.

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