Review: The Power of Privilege by June Sarpong

Title: The Power of Privilege – How White People Can Challenge Racism

Author: June Sarpong

Pages: 128 Pages

Publisher: HQ

The Blurb

The death of George Floyd and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests have made clear to everyone the vicious reality of racism that persists today. 

Many of those privileged enough to be distanced from racism are now having to come to terms with the fact that they continue to prosper at the detriment of others. Having spent the last four years researching, writing, and speaking about the benefits of diversity for society, June Sarpong is no stranger to educating and challenging those that have been enjoying the benefits of a system steeped in systemic racism without realising its true cost.

In The Power of Privilege, June will empower those fortunate enough not to be ‘otherised’ by mainstream Western society to become effective allies against racism, both by understanding the roots of their privilege and the systemic societal inequities that perpetuates it. The Power of Privilege offers practical steps and action-driven solutions so that those who have been afforded privilege can begin undoing the limiting beliefs held by society, and help build a fairer future for all.

The Review

I was absolutely blown away by Diversify by June Sarpong when I read it. Where I was expecting a book about the history of racism – which to be fair could have been full of anger and hurt – what I got was a very measured, practical guide to modern day racism across the spectrum and advice on how we can help to stop it – starting with the classroom. In her pocket sized book The Power of Privilege, June Sarpong discusses another, often ignored side of racism – privilege. 

It is easy to get confused by the term and become instantly defensive but it is a concept that needs further discussion and understanding and also acceptance that society has been built on white privilege. The sooner people accept that, the more likely institutionalised racism will hopefully come to an end. 

I listened to The Power of Privilege on audiobook and what I appreciated was that June Sarpong narrate it herself. This allowed her to get her points across more accurately than if someone else had narrated it for her.

The Power of Privilege isn’t an exhaustive read, yet it is an important one.

The Power of Privilege by June Sarpong is available now.

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