Review: Just Like You by Nick Hornby

Title: Just Like You

Author: Nick Hornby

Pages: 368 Pages

Publisher: Penguin

The Blurb

The person you are with is just like you: same background, same age, same interests. The perfect match. And it is a disaster. 

Then, when and where you least expect it, you meet someone new. You seem to have nothing in common and yet, somehow, it feels totally right.

Nick Hornby’s brilliantly observed, tender but also brutally funny new novel gets to the heart of what it means to fall surprisingly and headlong in love with the best possible person – someone who is not just like you at all.

The Review

Set against the backdrop of Brexit Britain Lucy and Joseph meet, start dating and become an unlikely couple. All so simple so far, however when they come from two completely different worlds the cracks start to appear. Joseph is a 20something aspiring musician and doesn’t really have a focus in life whereas Lucy is in her 40s, a divorcee with two children. Their lives seem so completely different that it is hard to see just how they could possible work in partnership.

I really enjoyed Just Like You. It was an interesting concept that has been explored paralleling the difficulties of a Brexit society. The time setting shows just how disparate and divided society is and because of this the relationship barriers between Lucy and Joseph appeared more realistic. It was especially frustrating when you empathised more with one character (for me, Lucy) when Joseph didn’t seem to have formed a view point on certain contentious topics. This cleverly showed the distance between age and experience between the two characters. However, you did kind of root for them as a couple. Even with their differences they seemed better together than apart.

Just Like You ends in a really positive and hopeful way with you enjoying the possibility that a world entrenched in diversity can still come together.

Just Like You by Nick Hornby is available now.

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