The Most Magical Bookshop Ever!

Yesterday, I had the magical experience of going to what may be the most amazing bookshop I have ever been to. I don’t say that lightly. I am 37 and I have been to a lot of bookshops in my time but never have I been in one with so much wow factor.

I know you are wondering what is this magical shop of which I speak. Well let me tell you. 

Kingsley and Co.

Kingsley and Co is a bookshop that is specifically for young people. The books that they sell are pre-loved and they sell them for a meagre fee per book. It is a registered charity and has an ethos to try and raise a love of books in Bootle, an area of Liverpool that is in the lowest 6% of the UK for literacy levels.

So far, so nice. Right?

These features, whilst they are always things that I appreciate (I work in a school and have spent the past 12 years trying to promote a love of reading among young adults) they were not the main reasons why I fell in love with this bookshop. 

The reason I am so in awe of Kingsley and Co is that it exemplifies exactly what a bookshop should be. When you enter the shop you are entering a world of adventure. The staff are lovely, engaging and happy to share the secrets of the store – of which there are many – and all of this is done on a voluntary basis. The staff genuinely are book wizards. 

What came across more than anything is that the staff really loved books and reading. They were not doing this job because it is a way to spend their day. They seemed to honestly care about improving literacy but more than that they want to making people fall in love with stories. Going to Kingsley and Co felt like going on an adventure.

For adults, besides giving your child the gift of reading – a gift that the power of cannot be underestimated – there is an in-store cafe so you can have a few moments to yourself whilst knowing that your child is in the safe arms of children’s authors. Furthermore, besides the pre-loved books Kingsley and Co sell lots of things that will make ideal gifts for loved ones. It really is a treasure trove.

I beg you, if you have children who love books then please take them to visit Kingsley and Co. They will not be disappointed. Please remember that it is a charity and please buy books. You are supporting charity and encouraging children to drop the tablets and mobiles and encouraging them to travel the world whilst staying in the one place. 

One final thing before I stop with my bookshop fangirl rant, Kingsley and Co rely on the kind donations of patrons for good quality children’s books. If you have any please donate them to this wonderful charity. 

And I am done. Kingsley and Co – Bookshop and Literacy Project I will be back for a visit and book binge soon!

Please follow Kingsley and Co. on these various social media platforms.

Twitter: @kingsleyand co_

Facebook: @kingsleyandcoYkids

Instagram: @kingsleyand co_


Registered charity no. 1141530

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