Review: The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor

Title: The Chalk Man

Author: CJ Tudor

Pages: 280 Pages

Publisher: Crown Publishing

The Blurb

In 1986, Eddie and his friends are just kids on the verge of adolescence. They spend their days biking around their sleepy English village and looking for any taste of excitement they can get. The chalk men are their secret code: little chalk stick figures they leave for one another as messages only they can understand. But then a mysterious chalk man leads them right to a dismembered body, and nothing is ever the same.

In 2016, Eddie is fully grown, and thinks he’s put his past behind him. But then he gets a letter in the mail, containing a single chalk stick figure. When it turns out that his friends got the same message, they think it could be a prank . . . until one of them turns up dead.

That’s when Eddie realizes that saving himself means finally figuring out what really happened all those years ago.

(Goodreads Blurb)

The Review

When a group of young boys find a dismembered body in a local park they are disturbed and baffled. The one clue is a man drawn in chalk.

Years later, the chalk man symbol starts appearing again and the mystery of the past returns.

The story of Eddie and his friends could be categorised as a coming of age under mystery thriller but it in’t really a genre that blends will in my opinion. I wanted to be completely hooked on the story and at times I will admit to feeling creeped out and, at times, a little disturbed but the pacing was a little to languorous for my liking.

The Chalk Man is an interesting take on a blended genre but I don’t really think this was my kind of story.

The Chalk Man by CJ Tudor is available now.

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