Review: Quarantine – A Love Story by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc

Title: Quarantine – A Love Story

Author: Katie Cicatelli-Kuc

Pages: 336 Pages

Publisher: Scholastic

The Blurb

Oliver wants a girlfriend, and there’s a girl back home who might be interested in him. The problem is, he has to spend his spring break on a volunteer trip in the Dominican Republic. Flora, on the other hand, isn’t really looking for a boyfriend. She just wants to end a miserable spring break visiting her dad and her new stepmom in the D.R.

The solution to both their problems? Get back home to New York ASAP. Sadly, they won’t be getting there anytime soon. 

Their hopes are dashed when Flora’s impulsiveness lands them in quarantine — just the two of them. Now, the two teens must come together in order to survive life in a bubble for 30 days. In that time, love will bloom. But is it the real thing, or just a placebo effect? 

In her debut novel, Katie Cicatelli-Kuc delivers an introspective and witty story about finding love in the most unexpected place.

(Goodreads Blurb)

The Review

Quarantine is the quirky love story of Oliver and Flora. Both meet on a plane home from the Dominican Republic. On the same flight, the man sitting next to Oliver takes ill. Everyone is put on a 24 hour quarantine. Flora, however feels unwell and in a moment of madness kisses Oliver. They are both forced to stay on a 30 day quarantine together.

Oh Quarantine is adorable. It is told in relatively short chapters of differing perspectives – Oliver and Flora’s – and we seem the blossoming of their relationship. We are faced with fame hungry friends, overbearing mothers and sleazy junior doctors. It really does have it all.

If you want a dose of romance then Quarantine is the book for you.

Quarantine – A Love Story by Katie Cicatelli-Kuc is available now.

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