Review: Loner by Georgina Young

Title: Loner

Author: Georgina Young

Pages: 240 Pages

Publisher: Text Publishing

The Blurb

Set in Melbourne, Loner is a humorous and heartfelt exploration of new adulthood.

Lona kills her days sneaking into the dark room at her old art school to develop photographs. She kills her nights DJ-ing the roller disco at Planet Skate. She is in inexplicable, debilitating love with a bespectacled, Doctor Who-obsessed former classmate, and in comfortable, platonic love with her best friend Tab. Lona works hard to portray a permanent attitude of cynicism and ennui but will her carefully constructed persona be enough to protect her from the inevitable sorrows and unexpected joys of adult life?

Loner re-examines notions of social isolation experienced by young people, suggesting sometimes our own company can be a choice and not a failing.

The Review

Lona is a little bit lost. She has finished high school and done what is socially expected and went to university but she found herself a little lost there too. She has dropped out and is now working a dead end job normally reserved for a teenager and she doesn’t know how to get herself out of this hole. What she is starting to realise is that being a grown up kind of sucks.

I really enjoyed reading Georgina Young’s Loner. I feel like she really captured that un-tethered feeling. You aren’t a kid any more but you still aren’t really feeling like an adult yet all of the decisions you make are now your responsibility. It is a fascinating look at the awkward period in your life and Young perfectly captures the discombobulated feeling.

My favourite thing about Loner came at the end of the book. The whole story was great but the ending gave me an overwhelming feeling of hope. It reminds you that life I long and there are plenty of ways to screw up but also to fix the screw ups. It is very optimistic.

Overall, Loner by Georgina Young is a very good read.

Loner by Georgina Young is available now.

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