Review: Black Light by Kimberley King Parsons

Title: Black Light

Author: Kimberley King Parsons

Pages: 224 Pages

Publisher: Atlantic Books

The Blurb

A black light illuminates that which the eye doesn’t see, uncovering what is hidden in plain sight.

In this raw, compassionate, debut collection Kimberly King Parsons casts light onto the weird, the intimate, the eerie and the sublimely beautiful with unflinching gaze and ferocious eloquence. Over twelve crackling stories, each a glorious escape hatch, she captures the bright ache of first love, the claustrophobic shadows of desire, the obsessive nature of friendship and the rapturous pull of taboo. Filled with a frenetic longing for connection, her reckless yet resilient heroines exhilarate and charm as they pursue the promise of elsewhere.

With psychedelic energy and deep humanity, Black Light chews over the messiness of being alive, the unsteadiness of hope and the ecstasies of coming of age.

The Review

I really need to stop reading collections of short stories. They just aren’t my cup of tea and I inevitably end up disliking collections because of the art form and not because of the writing. Black Light by Kimberley King Parsons is a well written collection of short stories. I can say that with confidence. King Parsons is a good writer but the collection as a whole just was not for me. It had no theme running through out so each new story put you at the starting block again and I just felt like I couldn’t connect.

Black Light is a good collection if you have a passion or a liking for the short story form but for me it just didn’t work.

Black Light by Kimberley King Parsons is available from 06th August 2020.

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