Review: Reluctant Adult by Katie Kirby

Title: Reluctant Adult

Author: Katie Kirby

Pages: 368 Pages

Publisher: Coronet

The Blurb

Perpetually overwhelmed? Welcome to the new book from Katie Kirby, creator of the bestselling Hurrah for Gin

Do you overthink everything?
Do you struggle to say no to people?
Are you paying membership for a gym you never go to?
Do group chat politics make you want to throw your phone under a bus?
Are you overjoyed when people cancel plans so that you can sit at home in your pyjama bottoms eating Coco pops for dinner?

If so then this book is for you!

We spend our childhoods wanting to a be adults and, when we get there, find ourselves lost under a pile of life admin, half completed to do lists and anti-ageing face creams that promise to make you look as good as Natalie Imbruglia.

In her new book, Hurrah for Gin pinpoints with painful precision just how overwhelming life can be when you’re all grown up. From the worry spiral that keeps you up at 3AM, to maintaining a professional aura when you can’t stand other people – this is for everyone struggling to stay afloat.

Honest, relatable, funny and containing no useful advice whatsoever, take comfort in the knowledge that it’s not just you, we’re all as f*cked as each other.


The Review

Do you ever wonder if you really have your sh*t together? I do. All the damn time. My ducks aren’t in a row. If anything my ducks are all on a bouncy castle and I can’t catch any of them so just join in the pandemonium of bouncing around. Well, it turns out I am not alone. In Katie Kirby’s book Reluctant Adult you see just how crap being a grown up can be.

Reluctant Adult is peppered with funny anecdotes and stick figure cartoons that are just so relatable that you genuinely feel that you could have written them yourself. The power of Reluctant Adult is that it normalises the overwhelming feeling of not being able to cope with being a grown up.

Reluctant Adult is seriously funny. It is a tonic for when things get to be a bit too much.

Reluctant Adult by Katie Kirby is available now.

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