Review: In the Crypt with a Candlestick by Daisy Waugh

Title: In the Crypt with a Candlestick

Author: Daisy Waugh

Pages: 288 Pages

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group

The Blurb

Sir Ecgbert Tode of Tode Hall has survived to a grand old age – much to the despair of his younger wife, Emma. But at ninety-three he has, at last, shuffled off the mortal coil.

Emma, Lady Tode, thoroughly fed up with being a dutiful Lady of the Manor, wants to leave the country to spend her remaining years in Capri. Unfortunately her three tiresome children are either unwilling or unable (too mad, too lefty or too happy in Australia) to take on management of their large and important home, so the mantle passes to a distant relative and his glamorous wife.

Not long after the new owners take over, Lady Tode is found dead in the mausoleum. Accident? Or is there more going on behind the scenes of Tode Hall than an outsider would ever guess….?

In the traditions of two great but very different British writers, Agatha Christie and P.G. Wodehouse, Waugh’s hilarious and entirely original twist on the country house murder mystery comes complete with stiff upper lips, even stiffer drinks, and any stiffs that might embarrass the family getting smartly brushed under the carpet…

The Review

In the Crypt with a Candlestick by Daisy Waugh is a slapstick romp with a murder mystery at the heart of it. I don’t really think it was what I was expecting if I am truly honest. I think I was expecting a more Agatha Christie style murder mystery and what I got was a little bit of Carry On films meets Jilly Cooper novels.

That doesn’t mean that In the Crypt with a Candlestick wasn’t fun or that it wasn’t an enjoyable read. It had me giggling in the right parts and to be fair to Daisy Waugh it also had me guessing whodunit until the very last page.

So whilst I cannot say that I was prepared for the story that I read I can honestly say that it was a thoroughly entertaining read and is perfect if you want to read something that is light-hearted.

In the Crypt with a Candlestick by Daisy Waugh is available now.

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