Review: The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton by Anstey Harris

Title: The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton

Author: Anstey Harris

Pages: 330 Pages

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

The Blurb


Between the simple melody of running her violin shop and the full-blown orchestra of her romantic interludes in Paris with David, her devoted partner of eight years, Grace Atherton has always set her life to music.

Her world revolves entirely around David, for Grace’s own secrets have kept everyone else at bay. Until, suddenly and shockingly, one act tips Grace’s life upside down, and the music seems to stop.

It takes a vivacious old man and a straight-talking teenager to kickstart a new chapter for Grace. In the process, she learns that she is not as alone in the world as she had once thought, that no mistake is insurmountable, and that the quiet moments in life can be something to shout about …

The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton is the story of a woman who has her heart broken, but then puts it back together again in the most uplifting and exquisite way.

The Review

Before I start this review, I must thank Sara Jane at Books and the City for sending me a physical copy of this book to review.

Grace Atherton. What can I say about Grace Atherton? Well, she is a quiet thing who lives a seemingly quiet life but underneath her exterior façade lives a young woman with infinite adventure in her life. She has a dramatic relationship with an older man, she is an accomplished cellist, a shop owner and she is a friend two others.

Dig deeper and you find that her quiet little existence is not so quiet at all.

I really don’t want to give too much away about The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton because it is a damn good read and so it would be unfair to leak any spoilers before you pick it up. What I will say is that one of my favourite things about this novel was the multigenerational friendships that prove to be the heart of the story. You have the fiestiness of youth and the wisdom of age with Grace firmly plonked in the middle. I think it is this element which I enjoyed the most.

The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton has the potential to be as loved as Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. It is a heart-warming and engaging story that will make you want to find out what has happened but equally to not want it to ever end.

The Truths and Triumphs of Grace Atherton by Anstey Harris is available now.

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