Review: Dead Feminists by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring

Dead FeministsTitle: Dead Feminists – Historic Heroines in Living Colour

Author: Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring

Pages: 192 Pages

Publisher: Sasquatch Books

The Blurb

A national bestseller, this gorgeously illustrated letterpress-inspired book combines feminist history with a vision for a better future. Dead Feminists is a lushly illustrated and inclusive celebration of inspiring women who transformed the world and created social change.

Based on the beloved letterpress poster series of the same name, Dead Feminists interweaves intricate broadside art with archival photographs and ephemera. This book brings feminist history to life, profiling 27 unforgettable forebears of the modern women’s movement such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Gwendolyn Brooks, Rachel Carson, and more. Across eras and industries, passions and geographies, this collection of diverse, progressive, and perseverant women faced what looked like insurmountable odds and yet, still, they persisted.

Dead Feminists, which features a foreword by Jill Lepore, author of The Secret History of Wonder Woman, is an illuminating and innovative reminder that women can be extraordinary agents of change. The future is female, but in many ways so is the past. Dead Feminists takes feminist inspiration to a new level of artistry and shows how ordinary and extraordinary women have made a difference throughout history (and how you can too).

Featured Feminists: Adina De Zavala – Alice Paul – Annie Oakley – Babe Zaharias – Eleanor Roosevelt – Elizabeth Cady Stanton – Elizabeth Zimmerman – Emma Goldman – Fatima al-Fihri – Gwendolyn Brooks – Harriet Tubman – Imogen Cunningham – Jane Mecom – Marie Curie – Queen Lili’uokalani – Rachel Carson – Rywka Lipszyc – Sadako Sasaki – Sappho – Sarojini Naidu – Shirley Chisholm – Thea Foss – Virginia Woolf – Washington State Suffragists

The Review

I’m currently on a bit of a feminist wave. I’m reading lots of books about female figures throughout history that haven’t been celebrated to their fullest. That is why I was really happy to have been approved Dead Feminists on NetGalley.

O’Leary and Spring have combined their personal print making skills and used this to celebrate certain women throughout history. Some of these women are well known; others less so. What is interesting is seeing how O’Leary and Spring accentuate the role that these women have played and doing so in a visual way.

I genuinely loved this book. What is more is that I learned about women who I hadn’t ever come across before and it has inspired me to research into them further.

Overall, Dead Feminists is a quirky and inspiring look at the ways and whys women should be celebrated.

Dead Feminists – Historic Heroines in Living Colour by Chandler O’Leary and Jessica Spring is available now.

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3 Stars

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