Review: A Brief Encounter by Julia Williams

Title: A Brief Encounter: A Love…Maybe Valentine eShort

Author: Julia Williams

Pages: 34 Pages

Publisher: Avon Books/Harper Collins

The Blurb

A snow storm in the village has meant waitress Rachel is working an extra shift on Valentine’s Night. Hopefully, though, she’ll still get home in time to have her Prosecco with her boyfriend Jamie and tell him her secret…

Daniel is stuck in the snow. He should have left work earlier but he hopes his girlfriend Claire will understand – especially when he produces a very special gift.

He stops to shelter and wait out the storm in a hotel he passes.

Who’s have thought that this one decision could change more than one life forever…

The Review

Well this is a cute little story.

The meet cute between Daniel and Claire happens in a nice hotel. On Valentine’s Day. In the snow. Need we say more?

Well, yes actually.


For such a short story, Julia Williams packs an awful lot in. It is a cheeky romance about finding the perfect person and the not so perfect time. It is cute and adorable and what I refer to as a cheeky little commute read.

My one bug bear is a personal one and doesn’t really apply to the writing but I am not a big fan of using “big dates” such as Valentine’s Day as a day to propose. It just creeps me out but that is just my own hang up.

A Brief Encounter by Julia Williams is available now.

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3 Stars

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