Review: The Taste of Marmalade by Tessa McWall

Title: The Taste of Marmalade

Author: Tessa McWall

Pages: 25 Pages

Publisher: Amazon Media

The Blurb

Katrin, a young Polish woman who moved to London before austerity reigned, is working long hours at the Epicure Café in order to earn enough money to bring her mother over as well.

In the café she falls in love with a lecturer in film studies – but Robin comes with a past that will complicate any future they have together.

As droves of once-hopeful Polish émigrés return home, Katrin finds her life growing more difficult, especially when her boss in the café starts picking on her.

Determined to keep the freedom she’s found in England, Katrin finds the costs of her new found liberty are mounting up.

The Review

Well, now I am depressed. The Taste of Marmalade is not a happy story. It is the story of Katrin, a young Polish girl living in London. It is a story of survival, survival in a foreign land.

Katrin has to deal with trying to save money to bring her mother over from Poland, a boyfriend who is blatantly using her for sex and a boss who hates her. Things aren’t looking good for Katrin.

I would love to say The Taste of Marmalade has a happy ending but it doesn’t seem to move along from what happened at the start. It seems to be stuck in a very stagnant place of sadness.

The Taste of Marmalade by Tessa McWall is available now.

1 star

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