Review: Mind Cafe by Lizzy Ford

Title: Mind Café

Author: Lizzy Ford

Pages: 29 Pages

Publisher: Kettlecorn Press

The Blurb

The Mind Café: Death’s waiting room and the only refuge for a woman trapped in her body after a tragic accident leaves her unable to o anything but watch the world and think.

The Review

The Mind Café us a quirky story about a girl who is in an almost vegetative state. She has been left that way after an accident and has spent a large portion of her life in hospital. She has watched the people in her life come and go and pass away while she is stuck in a half life.

It is a very contemplative short story which doesn’t seem to have a resolution which mirrors the life of the protagonist. Mind Café is an easy enough read for a short commute.

Mind Café by Lizzy Ford is available now.

2 Stars

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