Review: Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsmann


Assuming that her boyfriend Ben was about to propose, Juliet was more than surprised when she found evidence of his philandering ways. Rather than sit and sulk she decided to take up a lucrative festive job offer to work one last time as a chef at country estate Thornton Hall before going home to America to retrain to become a psychologist.

However, Christmas madness is rife at Thornton Hall and Juliet must control herself around her randy boss Jasper and the head chef Edward; whom she has secretly harboured a crush on for a very long time.


Ok, this is difficult for me. Christmas at Thornton Hall is a really well written book. The storylines are entertaining, intriguing even and the characters are well developed and very distinguishable. In fact, the whole story is well thought out and is a very accurate representation of what I personally believe life in a huge country manor is like. I just didn’t warm to this book like I do with other stories.

Take, for example, the protagonist Juliet. She was understandably upset by Ben’s cheating but she just couldn’t seem to make a decision over which man she wanted to be with. I found that frustrating. In each chapter she felt strongly for a different man in the cast. Her flightiness wasn’t appealing when as a reader I want to identify with the heroine.

Whilst I understand the need for all the plot twists – and which I admit they were executed well – it was hard at times to keep plot threads in order. I felt that this book was meant to be a romantic comedy not a mystery novel.

I think the real indicator for me as to whether or not I enjoyed a book or not is how quickly or (in this case) slowly I devour the story and it took me a very long time to Christmas at Thornton Hall. It just didn’t hook me the way I expected it too.

Overall, as I say Christmas at Thornton Hall is written well and on paper it has everything you need – intricate plot, handsome male heroes, happy endings – it just wasn’t for me.

Christmas at Thornton Hall by Lynn Marie Hulsman is available now.

Christmas at Thornton Hall

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