SSS Review: Arms Wide Open: A Novella by Juli Caldwell

Title: Arms Wide Open: a Novella

Author: Juli Caldwelll

Pages: 137


Lauren’s roommate, Harlow, is fed up. Since Lauren finished grad school she has spent the days becoming more and more slovenly; her dishes are piled up in the sink; she hasn’t changed her clothes in days. Harlow is more than miffed…she is also a little worried.

So when Harlow challenges Lauren to go to a speed dating night Lauren is guilt-tripped into accepting. Harlow is hopeful that among the local freaks and weirdo’s Lauren might just find the one.


As far as short stories go this one was pretty good. I will admit it was a little bit of a slow burner. I think that Caldwell left the big reveal a tad too late and the few hints that she gave to the reader in the earlier chapters might not have been enough to hold their attention.

I do feel like this is another one of those short stories that may have worked better as a full length novel. The back story was good enough to hold my interest and it would have been fascinating to see the relationship dynamics between Lauren, Grant and Oliver.

Overall, this was an enjoyable short story but could have been made better if there was more of it to read.

Arms Wide Open: A Novella by Juli Caldwell is available now.


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