Review: Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington


Sabine is a girl with a secret. Sure all teenage girls have secrets. Boys they are crushing on; homework or tests that they have not studied for or cheated on but these pale in comparison to Sabine’s secret. If Sabine’s secret is found out then she would be in some serious trouble.

You see, Sabine has two lives. In both worlds she is a normal teenage girl, in both she is 18 and in both she is ready to graduate. One world does seem better than the other and Sabine seems determined to just live the one life. However, her plans for this are knocked on their head when she falls in love.


Between the Lives is a quirky entry into the dystopian YA fiction genre that has garnered much popularity over the past few years. Actually, I would go as far as to say that it is an innovative approach to storytelling. Initially, I was dubious as to how this would work and I was waiting for a crack to appear in the story to make me start to disbelieve and/or lose interest in the characters but

Shirivington manages to create to very real but very separate worlds as well as giving her protagonist Sabine reason enough to be unhappy with her existence. She draws upon the power of societal roles to create an impression of ease, and equally, discomfort – i.e. how being popular in high school and coming from money can be seen as a privilege whereas in her other life Sabine doesn’t have the same style of upbringing.

Overall, Between the Lives is a very interesting read with a good strong and likeable protagonist who you do empathise with. The story does throw you a lot of twists and often at breakneck speed. However, I did guess parts of the ending before they happened which isn’t a bad thing but did make me wonder if it could have been written differently. If I am totally honest, I would have liked Between the Lives to have been the beginning of a series and I genuinely think Shirvington could have accomplished that with a different ending.

Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington is available now.


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