Review: First Tango in Paris by Shelley Thrasher

Brigitte Green has to escape. Her life in New Orleans has come to a crashing halt since her friend and mentor Rosa has died. Rosa’s last instruction to Brigitte was to go to Paris and find love, find someone to tango with.

Brigitte heeds this advice and high tails it to Paris to start a new life; a new life that doesn’t involve prostitution and shame. Brigitte wants to have a life that involves love and romance.

Enter Eva Laroche. Eva is working as a tour guide to subsidise her university education in law. She and Brigitte meet and initially despise each other but eventually their defences drop and the potential for romance blossoms.

So initially I read this book to indulge in my love for Paris; that was the defining factor in my choice of novel. I didn’t know what the subgenres of the book were (incidentally they are LGBT, family drama, history, romance etc) but what I got was a captivating story of love, not only of another person but also love of oneself.

The love story between Brigitte and Eva is a classic hate-turns-to-love story. You can’t help but root for them. You want them to get together and become LGBT heroines to parallel the historical love stories between women that Thrasher includes in First Tango in Paris. However, Brigitte is so ashamed of her past that she struggles to love and have pride in herself.

The historical elements of the story are fascinating. Unfortunately, I do not know enough about Parisian women through history (or their lesbian inclinations) to verify Thrasher’s writing. Either Thrasher has a creative mind and has manipulated historical events to suite her purpose or she has just thoroughly researched the historical elements. Whatever the truth is, this subject makes for interesting reading and made me want to read further into some of the key figures in French history.

I really enjoyed First Tango in Paris. The storyline flowed with effortless ease and the characters had me rooting for them. I can’t ask for much more in a novel.

First Tango in Paris by Shelley Thrasher is available in America on the 15th July 2014.


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  1. 17th July 2014 / 1:42 pm

    Thanks for the positive review, Lisa. I did research the women of Paris, and the majority of the historical elements in the novel are based on that research. So glad the book made you want to learn more about these interesting women.

    • 17th July 2014 / 2:39 pm

      It really did. I ended up buying a book about Marie Antoinette. It is strange because I have a real passion for France and yet I have never studied the history of it.

      Thank you for getting in touch as well. I genuinely enjoyed it. And thank you to whomever it was who authorised it for me to download a copy from NetGalley.

      L x

  2. 17th July 2014 / 2:45 pm

    Enjoyed your book, not you getting inn touch..although that was nice too.

    Damn hanging modifiers x x

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