Review: The Ultimate Terry Pratchett Collection Mobi eBooks

christmasaurusTitle: The Ultimate Terry Pratchett Collection Mobi eBooks

Download: The Ultimate Terry Pratchett Collection Mobi eBooks epub books

Price: 6$

Publisher: Download epub books online

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The Review and download

This is probably the most inclusive Terry Pratchett collection currently available
for eReaders, comprising:

The complete Discworld series (38 books as of October 2010)

A brief Discworld Timeline

Nanny Ogg's Cookbook

The Science of Discworld Trilogy

All the short stories

All the non-Discworld novels: The Carpet People, The Johnny Maxwell Trilogy,
The Bromeliad Trilogy, Good Omens (co-authored with Neil Gailman), Strata, Nation,
The Dark Side of the Sun

The Annotated Pratchett


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