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The Review and download

Physics in Your Life is more than a course in physics and more than a laundry list
of how things work. In fact, it combines the two, offering a back-and-forth interplay
between everyday applications of physics and the concepts needed to understand them.

My approach is entirely qualitative, says Professor Wolfson. I believe you can
understand physics, and understand it deeply, without using mathematics.

How does he do it? In the spirit of seeing is believing, he uses an impressive array
of experiments, gadgets, props, computer animations, short videos, diagrams, and
pictures. Like Mr. Wizard of the classic TV science series, Professor Wolfson is a
born showman. Among his hands-on demonstrations:

* A blown-up balloon is bathed in super-cold liquid nitrogen to show the contracting
effect that heat loss has on the air inside the balloon.
* Professor Wolfson cranks a muscle-powered generator to demonstrate the surprising
effort required to produce a mere 100 watts. Imagine if you had to generate all your
electricity this way!
* A giant magnetic coil on a rotating shaft reveals the ingenious simplicity of the
electric motor, used in everything from electric toothbrushes to locomotives.
* A curious phenomenon unfolds as a magnet is dropped through a hollow aluminum tube.
Aluminum is non-magnetic, which means the magnet wont stick to it. But can you guess
what happens?
* You will also see experiments with lasers, lenses, bowling balls, gyroscopes, musical
instruments, and more. And Professor Wolfson walks you step-by-step through the processes
by which computers computer from the level of electrons moving through semiconductors to
binary bits, bytes, CPUs, RAM, all the way up to text and pictures appearing on your screen.

Lecture titles:

* Realms of Physics
* The Amazing Disc
* The Wonderful Wave
* Seeing the Light
* Is Seeing Believing?
* Music to Your Ears
* May the Forces Be With You
* Aristotles Revenge
* Going in Circles
* Taking Flight
* Into Space
* A Conservative Streak
* The Electrical Heart of Matter
* Harnessing the Electrical Genie
* A Magnetic Personality
* Making Electricity
* Credit Card to Power Plant
* Making Waves
* The Miracle Element
* The Twentieth Centurys Greatest Invention?
* Building the Electronics Revolution
* Circuits-So Logical!
* Hows Your Memory?
* Atom to Computer
* Keeping Warm
* Life in the Greenhouse
* The Tip of the Iceberg
* Physics in the Kitchen
* Like a Work of Shakespeare
* Energy in Your Life
* Your Place on Earth
* Dance and Spin
* The Light Fantastic
* Nuclear Matters
* Physics in Your Body
* Your Place in the Universe

Taught by Richard Wolfson
Middlebury College
Ph.D., Dartmouth College


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