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The Review and download

A History of Consonance and Dissonance - Tenney
A History of the Concerto.CHM
A treatise on the science of music by a
Absolute Music and the Construction of Meaning
Affektdarstellung und Naturbeherrschung in der Musik des Barock
After Adorno - Rethinking Music Sociology
Ambros - The boundaries of music and poetry. A study in musical aesthetics
American Minimal Music - La Monte Young, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, Philip Glass
Amico - The Life of Giovanni Battista Viotti
An Elementary Treatise on Sound
Ancient Greek Music
BETTINA ARNIM Goethes Briefwechsel mit einem Kinde
Bach's Cycle, Mozart's Arrow - An Essay on the Origins of Musical Modernity
Bad Music - The Music We Love to Hate
Beattie Essays
Boethius - The Consolations of Music,Logic,Theology,and Philosophy
Books on Music Theory (Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration) in english, Jazz too
Briefwechsel zwischen Goethe und Zelter
Buhler.Review on Scruton's Musicaesthetics
Butt - Music Education and the Art of Performance in the German Baroque
Cambridge History of 19th Century Music (2002 ebook)
Cambridge History of Western Music Theory
Cannon - Johann Mattheson
Canon and Fugue
Castel.clavecin oculaire
Child Composers
City Culture and the Madrigal at Venice - Feldman, Martha.
Classical Form - Haydn,Mozart,Beethoven
Conventional Wisdom - The Content of Musical Form - McClary
Courtly Love Songs of Medieval France
Czech musichistory
Davies Musical Works and Performances
Der Affektbegriff in der Musik des Barock
Der Harmonie-Begriff in der lutherisch-barocken Musikanschauung
Dictionary of Music - The Facts on File
Directory of Choral-Orchestral Music
Early Chamber Music.prc
Early Chamber Music
Early editions of theoretical treatises pre1800
Electronic and Experimental Music
Enlightenment Orpheus - The Power of Music in Other Worlds - Agnew
Essays On Music In Honor Of Archiblad Thompson Davison
European Music, 1520-1640
Figures of Rhetoric - Figures of Music
Film Music
French Baroque Music - From Beaujoyeulx to Rameau
Fux - The Study of Counterpoint from Gradus ad Parnassum
Galilei Vincenzo Discorso
German Modernism - Music and the Arts
Goddard The philosophy of music essays
Great Italian and French Composers
Greek Nature Music
HERDER Kalligone
Hal�.sz P�ter.Goethe �s a zene
Hand - Aesthetics of musical art, or, The beautiful in music
Hans Von B�.low - A Life and Times - Walker
Hearing and writing music - Ron Gorow
Heinichen - Generalbass - Einleitung
Helmholtz - On the Sensations of Tone as a Physiological Basis for the Theory of Music
Helmholtzs Mechanism
Hindemith - A Composer's World - Horizons and Limitations
Hindemith - Elementary Training for Musicians
Hoffmann - Beethoven's Instrumental Music
Hollander - The Untuning of the Sky
Humanism and the Reform of Sacred Music in Early Modern England
Interpretations of Renaissance Humanism
Ives - Essays before a Sonata
Ives.Essays before a Sonata
Kivy - Antithetical Arts - On the Ancient Quarrel Between Literature and Music
Kivy - Music, Language, and Cognition-And Other Essays in the Aesthetics of Music
Kivy - The Possessor and the Possessed-Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and the Idea of Musical Genius
Kretzschmar Javaslatok I-II
Kulturindustrie - Behrens
MGG 03 Daquin - Fechner
MGG 04 Fede - Gesangspadagogik
MGG 07 Jensen - Kyrie
MGG 08 Laaf - Mejtus
MGG 10 Oper - Rappresentazione
MP3 - The Definitive Guide
Magic Flutes & Enchanted Forests - the supernatural in eighteenth-century musical theater - Buch
Marcello - Il teatro all moda
Marx AB - Musical Form in the Age of Beethoven - Selected Writings on Theory and Method
Milton's knowledge of music; its sources and its significance in his works
Mimesis - Metscher
Modal Subjectivity - Self-fashioning in Italian Madrigal - McClary
Modern Methods for Musicology
Moriz Rosenthal in Word and Music
Music Business - The Key Concepts
Music Criticism and the Challenge of History
Music Criticism in Nineteenth-Century France - La Revue et gazette musicale de Paris 1834-80
Music History During the Renaissance Period, 1520-1550 - A Documented Chronology
Music and Literature in German Romanticism
Music and Mathematics From Pythagoras to Fractals
Music and Musicians in the Escorial Liturgy Under the Habsburgs, 1563-1700
Music and the Occult - French Musical Philosophies 1750-1950
Music and the fine arts; a psychology of aesthetic
Music as Cultural Practice, 1800-1900
Music as Social Cultural Practice - Essays in Honor of Reinhard Strohm
Music as Social and Cultural Practice - Essays in honour of Reinhard Strohm
Music as Thought - Listening to the Symphony in the Age of Beethoven
Music as Thought,Listening to Symphony in the age of Beethoven - Bond
Music in Everyday Life
Music in Greece and Rome
Music in Renaissance Ferrara - Lockwood
Music in Shakespeare - A Dictionary
Music in Words - A Guide to Researching and Writing About Music
Music in the Galant Style
Music of the Twentieth Century
Music of the Twentieth-Century Avant-Garde - A Biocritical Sourcebook
Musical Representations, Subjects, and Objects-The Construction Of Musical Thought In Zarlino, Descartes, Rameau, And Weber
Musical Topics and Expression in Music
Musical reforms of Luther
Musical history biography and criticis
Musicology - The Key Concepts
Musikrezeption, Musikdistribution und Musikproduktion - Der Wandel des Wertsch�.pfungsnetzwerks in der Musikwirtschaft
Musurgia vocalis - an essay on the history and theory of music, and on the qualities, capabilities, and management of the human voice
Mystical love in the German Baroque - Elferen
Neubauer - The Emancipation of Music from Language
Nietzsche.�.ber wort und musik.fragment.1871
Orchestral Music - A Handbook
Orlando di Lasso Studies
Palestrina and the German Romantic Imagination
Peacham - The Compleat Gentleman - On Music
Philosophical Perspectives on Music
Philosophical Perspectives on Music.CHM
Pleasure and the Arts - Enjoying Literature, Painting, and Music
Popular Music Of The Olden Time
Popular Music in Contemporary France. Authenticity, Politics, Debate
Popular music of the olden time - a collection of ancient songs, ballads, and dance tunes 01
Popular music of the olden time - a collection of ancient songs, ballads, and dance tunes 02
Prima la Musicologia - Bela Hartmann
Raguenet - A Comparison between the French and Italian Music
Raguenet - Comparison
Riemann - Praludien und Studien 1
Riemann - Praludien und Studien 2
Riemann - Praludien und Studien 3
Riemann and the Birth of Modern Musical Thought
Rolland - Essays on music
Rolland - Musical Tour through the Land of the Past
Rolland - Musiciens d'autrefois
Rolland - Some musicians of former days and Shakespeare - his music and song
Rousseau - Essay On the Origin of Languages and Writings Related to Music Works
Sacks - Musicophilia
Saint Cecilia's Hall in the Niddry Wynd; a chapter in the history of the music of the past in Edinburgh
Schenker - Counterpoint Book 1
Schenker - Counterpoint Book 2
Schenker - Harmony (1906)
Schenker Guide
Schenker's Argument and the Claims of Music Theory
Schering Bach
Schoenberg - Structural Functions of Harmony (1954)
Schoenberg - Theory of Harmony
Schopenhauer on music
Sound Figures of Modernity - German Music and Philosophy
Spitta - zur musik
Structural Hearing 1 - Salzer Felix
Structural Hearing 2 - Salzer Felix
Symphonies and their meaning
Szabolcsi - A Concise History of the Hungarian Music
Text and Context - Taruskin
The Baroque Concerto
The Cambridge History of Nineteenth-Century Music
The Cambridge History of Seventeenth-Century Music
The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music
The Careers of British Musicians
The Characteristic Symphony in the Age of Haydn and Beethoven
The Classical Style - Rosen (expanded edition)
The Computer Music Tutorial
The Discourse of Musicology
The Earlier French Musicians.prc
The Element of Motion in Baroque Art and Music
The History of Music Theory 1700 to 1850.An Outline
The Improvisation of Musical Dialogue
The Invention of Folk Music and Art Music
The Lutheran Church Year
The Muse that Sings - Composers Speak about the Creative Process
The Music Instinct
The Music industry
The Musical Dilettante - A Treatise on Composition by J. F. Daube
The Musical Representation - Nussbaum
The Philosophy of Improvisation - Gary Peters
The Philosophy of modernism--its connection with music
The Schenker Project - Culture,Race and Music theory in Fin du Siecle Vienna
The Science of Harmonics in Classical Greece
The Sounds of Milan, 1585-1650
The Stretto Principle - Some Thoughts on Fugue as Form
The Study of Fugue - Mann
The Styles of Eighteenth-Century Ballet
The philosophy of music; a comparative investigation into the principles of musical aesthetics
The rhetoric of music - harmony, counterpoint, musical form
The sacred harp, or, Beauties of church music
The Science of Music
The Works of James Harris Esq
Themes in the Philosophy of Music - Davies
Thinking About Music - An Introduction to the Philosophy of Music
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Understanding Popular Music
Unfinished Music - Kramer
Versuch einer Philosophie des Sch�.nen in Musik - Schilling
Vitanyi mualkotas muelvezet eload�.s
Weber Max - Die rationalen und soziologischen Grundlagen der Musik
Wilheim Hangz jelents
angi zeneeszt gotika 1
debussy - busoni - ives - three classic texts
dolinszky amphion
eggebrecht barokk
fabbri orfeo
hoffmann beethovens instrumentalmusik
hoffmann kreisleriana
kierkegaard dongiovanni
music of spain
music on shakespearean stage
music culture and ideas
oxford history of music 01
oxford history of music 02
oxford history of music 03
oxford history of music 04
oxford history of music 05
oxford history of music 06
philosophy of music
spanyol zeneeszt
studies in music
sue morrow.sonate, que
tovey - essays in musical analyses - chamber music

and more...


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