Review: Harmony for Computer Musicians by Michael Hewitt PDF eBook

christmasaurusTitle: Harmony for Computer Musicians by Michael Hewitt PDF eBook

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The Review and download

Home music producers now have access to a wide variety of software
synthesizers, samplers, and FX devices on their computers -- devices
that had previously been available only in expensive hardware forms.
Although computer musicians often show a high degree of skill and
expertise with the technology they use to produce their music, many
mistakenly assume that this is all they need to produce quality
tracks. Yet there is often a vital ingredient missing: a useful
knowledge of the way the language of music actually works --
an understanding of the ingredients of music and how they are put
together; what scales, chords, modes, and keys are; and the principles
of arrangement, melody, and harmony. In other words, computer musicians
may have learned how to use their instruments, but this does not
necessarily mean that they know how to create professional-sounding
music using those instruments. This book was written to help computer
musicians grow in their knowledge of musical harmony, knowledge that
is essential for the skilled creation of complex musical works. Topics
include intervals, tonality and the key system, part writing, triads,
tonic and dominant harmony, modulation, and modal interchange and
harmony. Techniques are taught using the tools computer musicians are
most familiar with. Rather than using a conventional score format,
most of the materials are presented in the familiar piano roll format
of computer music sequencing programs. For practice, the companion CD
contains numerous short exercises that will considerably improve the
musician's skill in the art of musical harmony.


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