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The Review and download

Eric Van Lustbader (he dropped his middle name Van, for several years due to
a confusion about his last name) was born and raised in Greenwich Village.
He is the author of more than twenty best-selling novels, including 'The Ninja',
in which he introduced Nicholas Linnear, one of modern fiction's most loved and
enduring heroes, 'Black Heart', 'Angel Eyes', 'The Kaisho', 'Floating City',
'Second Skin', and 'Dark Homecoming'. His novels have been translated into twenty
languages; his books are best-sellers worldwide and are so popular whole sections
of bookstores from Bangkok to Dublin are devoted to them.

He is also the author of a successful and highly regarded series of fantasy novels.
Most recently, he has been working on a number of short stories and novellas which
appeared in 1999: 'Off The Beaten Path: Stories of Place' for Farrar, Strauss and
Giroux and 'Murder And Obsession' for Delacourt Press for Avon Books.

He is a graduate of Columbia College, with a degree in Sociology. Before turning
to writing full time, he enjoyed highly successful careers in the New York City
public school system, where he holds licenses in both elementary and early
childhood education, and in the music business, where he worked for Elektra Records
and CBS Records, among other companies. He was the first writer in the US to write
about Elton John, and to predict his success. As a consequence, he and Elton and
Bernie Taupin, Elton's lyricist became friends. Writing in 'Cash Box' Magazine,
he also predicted the successes of such bands as Santana, Roxy Music, the Jimi
Hendrix Experience, David Bowie, and The Who, among others.

In his spare time, Mr. Lustbader serves on the Board of Trustees and the Executive
Committee of the City and Country School in Greenwich Village, and tends his prized
collection of Japanese maples and beech trees (The New York Times, Martha Stewart's
Living). He is a Second-Level Reiki master. He and his wife Victoria, who is on the
Board of the South Fork-Shelter Island chapter of The Nature Conservancy (after
working for them for seven years as Associate Director of Development and Special
Events), have been residents of the South Fork of Long Island for more than fifteen

Angel Eyes

Living in Washington is Tori Nunn, in Tokyo Honno Kansei and in Moscow Irina
Ponomareva - three women who are linked by their growing proximity to the explosive
conspiracy that could undo the international progress of the past two years. By the
author of \"The Ninja\" and \"White Ninja\".

Art Kills

Art is having a wild affair with murder in this breathtaking, inventive tale from
the best-selling author of the exotic White Ninja and chilling Second Skin. Racing
from the marbled precincts of New York's uptown museum scene to the fashionable
galleries and lofts of Soho to a gated Mafia mansion on the platinum coast of Long
Island, at top speed this Lustbader novella takes appraiser Tess Chase, a no-
nonsense woman with a taste for martial as well as fine arts, in pursuit of a long-
lost painting by the Renaissance master Raphael. It also entangles her in a case of
deadly sibling rivalry between the heirs to the empire of the East Coast crime boss
Rocco Bravanno as it divides Tess's loyalties between the handsome, charismatic
Anthony and his stunning sister, Jackie, both of whom come by their lust for art
and palate for murder naturally. Uncovering a web of conspiracy and shifting
alliances, Tess strives both to rescue the painting from its abductors and to save
the passionately unhappy Jackie from a miserable marriage to a man with betrayal
in his blood. More than a Raphael is at stake in this murderous tale of envy and
revenge. Only Tess has yet to learn who the real traitor is. And ignorance is not

Black Blade

\"There are plots within plots, circles within circles....Lustbader fans will lap it up.\"
In New York City, a chain of brutal murders begins....In Washington, a plot conceived
at the highest levels of American government is at work to bring the economic colossus
of Japan to its knees....In Tokyo, a critical power struggle is nearing its final stages
for control of the enigmatic Black Blade Society, an ostensibly political cabal whose
motives may encompass far more than politicis.

Jake Maroc 01 - Jian

Jake Maroc is the top agent for the Quarry, the secretive government agency. Nichiren,
Jake's sworn enemy, is a cold killer with a deadly secret. Shi Zilin is a wily Communist
minister, a survivor of eras in turmoil. Which one of them will emerge the true Jian-the
consummate warrior, the man who excels, the supreme master of the arts of love and combat,
strength and wisdom?
Four ancient pieces of jade are the key to unlocking the grand scheme of the Jian.
The price is Hong Kong-glittering jewel that sets the KGB, the Communist Chinese, and
the Americans in a deadly battle.

Jake Maroc 02 - Shan

On a high plateau in the heart of Asia lies Shan, the holy site where men are tested and
the deepest secrets of Eastern mysticism are revealed. Enter into the challenge of Jake
Maroc, a man of almost supernatural gifts, who is commissioned to help China fulfill its
ancient destiny-as the future of the world hangs in the balance.

Nicholas Linnear 1 - The Ninja

This is the story of Nicholas Linnear, half-Caucasian, half-Oriental, a man caught between
East and West, between the sexual passions of a woman he can't forget and the one he can't
control and between a past he can't escape and a destiny he can't avoid.

A sprawling erotic thriller that swings from postwar Japan to present-day New York in
a relentless saga of violence and terror elaborately designed for the most savage
vengeance of all.

Nicholas Linnear 2 - The Miko

She is a sorceress - indescribably beautiful, overpoweringly sensual - who possesess
incomprehensible powers. She is also a murderess who plans to use her power to kill
Nicholas Linnear, the hero of THE NINJA.

This is only the beginning of this exotic thriller, where Lustbader weaves an utterly
compelling tale of the CIA, the KGB, the technological world of modern Japan, and the
mystical and dangerous realms of Ninja warriors.

Nicholas Linnear 3 - White Ninja

Continuing the story that began in \"Ninja\" and \"Miko\", this book again deals with the
character Nicholas Linnear, a man in whose soul are married the arts of the East and West.
Eric van Lustbader's previous books include \"The French Kiss\" and \"Black Heart\".

Nicholas Linnear 4 - The Kaisho

The time has come for Nicholas Linnear, the Ninja, to pay a debt of honor: protect
his father's friend, Mikio Okami. But what Nicholas doesn't know is that Okami is the
legendary Kaisho--the boss of bosses of the Japanese underworld. Now the American Mafia
has infiltrated that organization . . . and they've targeted Okami for assassination.

Nicholas Linnear 5 - The Floating City

Seeking to destroy the Torch, an evil tool used for wanton destruction by the bloodthirsty
leader of Vietnam's Floating City, Nicholas Linnear must confront his own personal demons
in order to reach his target.

Nicholas Linnear 6 - Second Skin

The final part in the latest trilogy of novels in which Nicholas Linnear faces the Sicilian-
American Mafia and the Japanese Yakuza in a fight to the death. Computers, sex, business,
mysticism, martial arts, and explosive action scenes are all portrayed here.

Pearl Saga 01 - The Ring of Five Dragons

Struggling to survive an existence of enforced slavery on their home planet, the people
of Kundala are slowly dying. Their oppressors the V'ornn, a technologically advanced, alien
race, have reigned over the Kundalini with unyielding power for more than one hundred years.
Only through the power of the lost, god-given Pearl can the Kundalini be saved from
extinction, for within it lies a secret so potent it could tear the entire planet apart.
However, only one man is destined to find and wield the awesome power of the Pearl, his name
is Achaea, high prince of the alien V'ornn, foreordained to become his enemies' saviour -
the fabled and long awaited Dar-Sala'at. To fulfil his destiny he first must die and be
reborn, his spirit fused into the body of a young Kundalini girl, Riane. As coexisting
spirits in a single body, the two young identities of different gender, culture and race,
will not only have to hide the quest for the Pearl from those who would seek to try to
snatch such power for themselves, but also resolve deeply ingrained prejudices, for without
doing so, the Pearl will never be found, and the Kundalini, and Achaea are doomed.

Pearl Saga 02 - Veil of One Thousand Tears

Ever since the V'ornn invasion, the oppressed Kundalan have been dwindling in strength.
Their religion is dying, their magic fading and their goddess all but forgotten. Only the
fabled and long-awaited Dar Sala-at can find the long-lost, all-powerful Pearl and save
them from extinction.

Pearl Saga 03 - Mistress of the Pearl aka The Cage of Nine Banestones
Fans of bestseller Lustbader will welcome the third hefty installment in his Pearl fantasy
series (after 2002's The Veil of a Thousand Tears), with its wildly complex plot, breathless
action and jaw-breaking nomenclature (Khagggun, Mesagggun, etc.), though newcomers might
wish they had a roadmap. On the planet Kundala, the conquering V'ornn are having trouble
subduing the natives, who have a champion in the woman Riane, aka \"the Dar Sala-at, the
fabled savior, destined to lead the Kundalan uprising against their alien V'ornn oppressors.\"
Meanwhile, Annon, a dead V'ornn whose consciousness survives within Riane, shows that some
V'ornn are worthy of the reader's sympathy. Riane's friend Eleana, who loved Annon, finds
herself strangely attracted to Riane. The Kundalans' ultimate salvation, however, rests in
securing the mystical Pearl. Tolkien's rings (reflected in the Pearl's \"banestones\") and the
pseudo-Islamicism of Herbert's Dune are among the author's many obvious literary influences,
while in a display of tongue-in-cheek humor three V'ornn admirals act a bit like the Three
Stooges. Lustbader keeps scene-setting to a minimum (\"Sapphire evening spread its wings over
the great steppe\") amid all the fighting and skullduggery. A surprise twist at the end serves
as a springboard to a fourth volume.

Sunset Warrior 01 - The Sunset Warrior

Beneath the ice-locked surface of the planet, Freehold is ruled by the sword. In the
subterranean darkness the old order crumbles as the life-giving machines of the ancients stop.
Only one man - rebel and lover of K'reen - can save the planet. By the author of \"The Ninja\".

Sunset Warrior 02 - Shallows of Night

THE SUNSET WARRIOR tells of a quest into the void and beyond. In a doomed and savage land
there is one man whose spirit is not crushed, whose sword is as lethal as it is swift. Master
of the ancient arts of love and war, he is the Sunset Warrior.

SHALLOWS OF NIGHT takes Ronin the Bladesman beyond the dead ice sea to the war-torn continent
of man. Only Ronin can deliver the darkening planet from the ultimate horror of annihilation -
the apocalyptic coming of The Dolman.

Sunset Warrior 03 - Dai San

In was Kai-feng, the end of days, the time of chaos.
One by one, the four grisly abominations called the Makkon had come together, marshaling their
inhuman armies to reap a bitter harvest of death. Mankind's struggle to turn back the tide of
blood was doomed, for soon the hideous Makkon would summon their master, The Dolman. Truly,
then, would all hope be lost. No choice, no chance remained for humanity - save only one.
The arcane magics of the mysterious Scroll of the Ancients would have to be invoked. For only
if Ronin could discover the true meaning of the Scroll's secrets would he unlock the power to
face the inconceivable horror of The Dolman, in the final battle at the end of time.

Sunset Warrior 04 - Beneath an Opal Moon

At the Circus of Souls, Moichi, oath-brother to the Dai-San, discovers a prize more deadly
than he can imagine and is pitched headlong into a mission of rescue and revenge with the lovely,
enigmatic Bujun warrior Chiisai at his side. And in the farthest reaches of the world, they
discover a mad sorceress--and the Firemask with the power to unlock the world's every nightmare!

Sunset Warrior 05 - Dragons on the Sea

He is Ronin no more. He is Dai-San, the Sunset Warrior: glorious and terrible to behold.
Neither man nor god, yet the power he wields is beyond description. However, the Dai-San is not
invincible and he still has bitter lessons to learn.


Although American painter Michael Doss has been schooled in the ancient ways of the warrior, he
leads a quiet life. Until the tragic death of his father ignites the warrior spirit in his blood
that will not be quenched until he uncovers the secret of his father's enigmatic life. His journey
plunges him into a dangerous underworld, where he finds himself in lethal combat with a sinister
Japanese organization that is bent on destroying the United States through global economic chaos.
Doss is trapped. His only chance for survival is a final confrontation, face to face, with the
vile assassin behind it all, Zero.


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