Review: C Sharp 4.0 - The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt 2010 PDF eBook

christmasaurusTitle: C Sharp 4.0 - The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt 2010 PDF eBook

Download: C Sharp 4.0 - The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt 2010 PDF eBook epub books

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The Review and download

Perfect for beginners and professional C# programmers alike, this expert
resource is written in the clear, crisp, uncompromising style that has
made Herb the choice of millions worldwide.
Begin mastering C# 4.0 today with
help from this authoritative volume!

Coverage Includes:

* Data types and operators
* Control statements
* Classes and objects
* Constructors, destructors, and methods
* Interfaces, arrays, enumerations, and structures
* Method and operator overloading
* Inheritance and virtual methods
* Reflection and runtime type ID
* Exception handling
* Delegates, properties, events, and indexers
* Attributes
* Multithreading and the Task Parallel Library
* Generics
* Lambda expressions
* Anonymous types
* Extension methods
* Named and optional arguments
* Implicitly typed variables
* I/O, networking, and collections
* The preprocessor and much, much more


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