Review: The Strange Adventures of H by Sarah Burton

Title: The Strange Adventures of H

Author: Sarah Burton

Pages: 272 Pages

Publisher: Legend Press

The Blurb

Orphaned young, H is sent to live with her doting aunt in London. H’s life is a happy one until her lecherous cousin robs her of her innocence, and the plague takes away the city and the people she loves. H is cast out – friendless, pregnant and destitute – into the rapidly emptying streets of London under quarantine.

Forced to fend for herself, she is determined to gain back the life she lost. H will face a villain out for revenge, find love in the most unexpected places, and overcome a betrayal that she never could have foreseen. Weathering it all, can H charm, or scheme, her way to the life of freedom and independence that she longs for?

The Review

The Strange Adventures of H by Sarah Burton is a fabulous story bringing life to plague ridden England. It is a story of determination, fortitude and the unwillingness to let societal expectations hold you back.

H, our protagonist is a young girl who has seen her fair share of bad times. After the death of her mother, the fall of her sister (quite the scandal) and then the subsequent death of her father H along with her sister are sent to live with their aunt however when the plague hits H’s life is once again in the hands of the gods. As an unwed woman during this period H does what she can to survive but it comes at a cost.

The Strange Adventures of H was a great story. It put me in mind of a modern day Moll Flanders. H is a fantastic representation of feminism before it was even a thing. She is feisty, courageous and tenacious and I loved going on this romp of a journey with her.

The Strange Adventures of H by Sarah Burton is available now.

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