Review: Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth

Title: Adults

Author: Emma Jane Unsworth

Pages: 400 Pages

Publisher: Harper Collins

The Blurb

Jenny is unloved, unemployable and emotionally unfiltered. Her long-suffering friends seem sick of her and whilst her social media portrays her life as a bed of roses, it is more of a dying succulent.

Adults is what you want it to be. A misadventure of maturity, a satire on our age of self-promotion, a tender look at the impossibility of womanhood, a love story, a riot. And Emma Jane Unsworth is the only voice to hear it from. Adults is excruciating, a gut punch of hilarity and a book laden with truth that you will read again and again.

The Review

Adults is a fanastic look at how we value life in the age of Instagram. Emma Jane Unsworth has almost created a sociological study of how we see someone living a good life by the amount of likes that they get on various social platforms but shown through a fictional account.

In this story we meet Jenny. Jenny has aspirations. She follows people who present their “best” lives and wishes hers could be the same. Whilst doing this she is also dealing with a break up and measuring her life against the expectations of what it means to be 30-something, single, unmarried without children: all of the things that are expected goals to have reached by that time. Jenny is failing miserably and is falling into a pit of despair.

Unsworth brilliantly captures the sense of desperation some people can be made to feel at certain points in their life whilst also highlighting the hypocrisy of a life “online”. Rarely people post the bad times, they show their highlights real which in turn makes others feel bad. Adults calls BS on this.

Adults is a really good book. It is funny – not the laugh out loud kind of funny but the self chuckling kind when you recognise yourself and your bad points amongst the characters. I really enjoyed reading it.

Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth is available now.

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