Review: A Crafty Cigarette by Matteo Sedazzari

Title: A Crafty Cigarette – Tales of a Teenage Mod

Author: Matteo Sedazzari

Pages: 164 Pages

Publisher: Zani Media

The Blurb

A mischievous youth prone to naughtiness, he takes to mod like a moth to a flame, which in turn gives him a voice, confidence and a fresh new outlook towards life, his family, his school friends, girls and the world in general. Growing up in Sunbury –on-Thames where he finds life rather dull and hard to make friends, he moves across the river with his family to Walton –on –Thames in 1979, the year of the Mod Revival, where to his delight he finds many other Mods his age and older, and slowly but surely he starts to become accepted….”


The Review

With such high praise from John Cooper Clarke and Irvine Welsh, I was really looking forward to reading A Crafty Cigarette. Sadly, it just didn’t do anything for me. It was like an angrier version of Adrian Mole. I found it hard to empathise with our protagonist and any of the things that he was going through as I felt that he put himself in those positions on purpose. I just didn’t get the point of the story.

A Crafty Cigarette – Tales of a Teenage Mod by Matteo Sedazzari is available now.

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