Review: Everybody Needs a Bridge by Colleen D Scott

Everybody Needs a BridgeTitle: Everybody Needs a Bridge

Author: Colleen D Scott

Pages: 273 Pages

Publisher: NKD Ventures

The Blurb

High school is a difficult time for every teenager. When Erin enters a large public high school in 1980, she’s more than a little intimidated. Shocked by the realization that the legacy of her southern Alabama town isn’t a thing of the past, Erin struggles to find her way and in the process forms several important relationships.  Brittany, whose genuine friendship and unconditional support help Erin navigate her unfamiliar surroundings. Shelby, whose strength and confidence challenge Erin to make her own decisions. And Emmet, whose magnetism and acceptance inspires her to dream of a different future.

As the years pass, Erin’s new bonds grow stronger. And together, they search for the answer to one important question: How do you define your own path, feel like you belong, and yet resist all of the social pressures and rigid expectations?

Tragically, after their time in high school ends, Erin becomes separated from these important friends. Alone, she struggles to find the courage to continue her journey. Ultimately, she is forced with a life-defining choice. Her decision will catapult Erin into adulthood, will test her faith, love and courage, and inevitably have an impact on the lives of those she loves most.

The Review

Thank you to Annie Wilson who sent me a review copy of Everybody Needs a Bridge for an honest review.

One of the things I love most is when a book will take a contentious topic and look at it from a different (sometimes difficult) angle. Colleen D Scott’s book Everybody Needs a Bridge is one such book. The story takes place in Alabama in the 1980s but with the topics that Scott explores it could be set in modern day America. Scott looks at the subject of race but from the perspective of white privilege and through the innocent eyes of a teenager who is trying to forge her own steps in a world she doesn’t necessarily always understand and certainly doesn’t agree with.

Whilst, at times, Everybody Needs a Bridge can seem a bit too pastoral for my taste it was definitely fitting with the period and topics that were broached. It is strange to read about a time that feels so present in our history but seeing how little has changed.

Scott’s strength is how she explores relationships, whether it be protagonist Erin’s relationship with her parents, best friend, boyfriend or her peers. Scott understands the nuances on each relationship and paints a brilliant multilayered picture.

Everybody Needs a Bridge is a good story that keeps you engaged from the moment you pick it up and is definitely a book to make you question your own way of thinking in comparison to societal morals and rules.

Everybody Needs a Bridge by Colleen D Scott is available now.

35 Stars

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